About Us

Dyson ao posted Dec 2, 10

Who we are:

Sovereign is a team of players that have been gaming together for quite some time now in World of Warcraft and are looking to expand their core team with other solid players. 

Initially we are recruiting for filling out a single 25 man team. However, we are looking to implement a group of PVP players as well as some casual players to keep guild activity high!

Each member of Sovereign has a drive to be the best and see end game content without the hardest-core 5 night a week raid schedule.  It is important to us that you don't feel like this is another job for you.  The promise we give to you by joining our community is you will be in a guild that doesn't care just about epics but cares about the people who are making it possible to get those epics.  Our raid schedule will comprise of 2 days a week where for the raid times we expect everyone to have their game face on.

Progression Background:

Our founding members come from a diverse set of raiding backgrounds with the most recent WoTLK progression experience ranging from raiders with most hard modes down in 25man ICC, to Light of the Dawn/Bane.

We intend to keep the schedule for each team at approximately 2-3 nights a week -- solid enough for progression, but casual enough for life outside WOW.

Should you choose to pursue Sovereign and stand amongst our ranks, you can count on being a part of a long standing community of people who share your passion for raiding and will go the distance with you to achieve the heights of success. We are unlikely to be your first guild, but if you share our passion and conviction we will certainly be your last.

We will be focused on Mist of Pandaria progression in the immediate future but will also be hosting alt runs on Saturday for the community.


The guild is structured around the philosophy of oligarchy. As a 25-man guild, we are primarily a 'flat' organization, nonetheless, the guild leadership is the final arbiter of guild decisions. They are responsible for interpretation of guild principles and direction, resolving conflicts, maintaining a positive environment and planning guild progression.

The officers act as advisors to the guild master, and handle many of the important day-to-day activities of the guild. This includes leading and recording scheduled raids, overseeing recruitment, arbitration over minor disputes, and ensuring adherence to the guild rules and principles. There will be five officers in the guild, chosen by the guild master. If you ever have any questions, issues, or ideas, please don't hesitate to talk to one of us.  Below you find a list of our guild ranks, who hold those ranks and a brief explanation of the rank.

Warchief (Guild Master) - Glyalith  - In charge of daily operations of the guild.

General (Officers) - Eucan, Ossus, Shaampoo, Poojo, and Xaggie - Act as advisors to the guild leaders and handle many of the important day-to-day activities in the guild.

Lieutenant General (Council) - Comprised of all our role officers and assistant raid leaders.  

Dragon Slayer (Raiders) - To be put in this rank you need to achieve a 80% attendance rate on a 4 week basis.  We do understand taking time off and have a forum made for when you do need to take extended or short breaks.  As long as ample time is given it will not count against you raider status. Initially in Mist of Pandaria, as most people are new for the start of a new expansion, we will be evaluating this rank more closely and rapidly.

Champion (Member) - Comprised of all our normal members who cannot raid consistently.  This is the heart and soul of the guild the back bone so to speak.  They help with adding things to the guild bank for raiders are there to help with grinding out dungeons, heroics, and quest.  Keep the guild chat alive and interesting as well as get in on our ALT runs when available.

Legionnaire (PVP Rank) - Comprised of all our PVP members.  They will  have their own PVP Raid Leader for RBG's as well as any leaders for Arena Teams.

ALT - ALT Status for our members

Grunt (Trial member) - Comprised of new recruits who passed the guild application process as well as a vent interview to ensure they add quality and positive energy to our community.  Trial members are promoted on a case by case basis.  Depending on how active they are as well as what they add to the guilds community weather it's as a raider or member.  If you are a trial member after 4 weeks there is a good chance you just do not fit the style of the guild and a creator or titan will speak to you shortly after.

Skill and Motivation:

Being a part of Sovereign means you have the drive to be on the bleeding edge of progression on Stormreaver and you are going to play your class to its maximum capabilities. We expect you to know your class inside and out, be informed of boss strategies, and excel when in action. If you come to raids unprepared and playing poorly, you are not living up to our expectations. Know your class, know the fights, and be prepared to be awesome when you come to our raids.


All raiders will be routinely evaluated on their performance in raids. World of Logs will be utilized in all progression raids as a tool for each raider to improve their own performance. We realize everyone has an off night here and there, but we feel this level of transparency is necessary to make sure a raid team is solidly progressing together.

Please note that we are not meter-junkies. We do not look at performance as only who was top of healer or DPS meters that night. Generally, we filter out trash and focus on boss performance. And secondly, we focus on understand from the logs who is paying attention to raid mechanics. We want to make sure (using ICC examples) that on Deathwhisper hardmode, people are not hitting ghosts, or that people on Festergut hard mode or PP know how to avoid malleable goo, or that healers on Dreamwalker are experienced enough not to let their buff stacks drops.

If you perform well, you will be routinely invited back to raids and we all hope to progress well according to this philosophy. If you do not perform well, we will inform you and provide some chance for improvement. Note that we understand a first raid week can also make some people nervous, we're not elitist ass-hats with regards to raider evaluation, but we are here to run a tight ship and we expect people to contribute their A-game on raid nights.


Except in exceptional circumstances, potential recruits must have a reference from a current member in good standing before their application will be considered. They will be expected to fill out an application providing us with relevant information. A poorly written application will result in a denied application, sight unseen. Treat this with the same care as you would a job application.

If your application is accepted, you will be contacted by an officer and instructed on how to proceed. While every trial period will be unique, you will likely be invited to the guild as a trial member, asked to attend several small group instance runs with members of Sovereign and possibly some large group instance runs or raids. We may ask you to join us for PvP in the various battlegrounds, the arena or in taking world PvP objectives. Once our officers have gathered enough information to make a decision, you will be informed of the result of your trial period and either be promoted to a crusader/dragon slayer or removed from trial status.

Please refer to the recruitment section for more detailed information on the process and what we expect from potential applicants.


Sovereign has zero tolerance for drama and we pride ourselves on being a guild that is drama free.

We expect those applying with us and those that become a part of the team to treat fellow guild members and others with a healthy level of respect. Everyone who wears our tag represents our guild as a whole, so we expect members to treat those outside the guild with the same level of respect and tolerance as well. Being a Ninja, spamming trade chat, disrespect, harassment, and racism is not tolerated here.  If you cannot abide by these expectation you need not apply.  If you are caught doing any of these things you will be removed immediately.

Loot Distribution:

We are currently still in the process of determining what type of loot system we will be going with for 25 man raiding as it brings a different mentality to loot distribution than what we are use to in 10 man.  We are taking any ideas you may have as of right now EPGP seems to be a solid idea to have a low maintenance system that rewards long-term raider performance and attendance.

Guild Bank:

On progression content, the guild bank will be available for players to contribute consumables and other item enhancements for each other and will fully cover repair costs during raid progression nights.

During new tiers of content we hand out the craftable required items (i.e. Haunting Spirits) to our raiders to make gear for progression. Our officers lead by example and donate their badges when possible so that members can craft the gear they need without having to cover the cost of the prohibitive crafting materials. Many of our members will freely donate when they can to fellow members which we highly encourage.  We also do ask that if a BoE item is only a slight or minor upgrade (like a side grade) that you pass it along so we may use it to put gold into the guild bank to help with the repair cost.

Attendance and Raid Times:

We want our active raid members to be able to maintain an 80% attendance with us. We depend on each of our raiders and it's expected (barring unforeseen events and emergencies) that when you will not be present to post on our forums or inform an officer ahead of time as time allows. It will be exceedingly rare (few times a year) that we ever push the raid beyond the finishing time and when we do it is never more then 10 minutes (ie one last solid pull).

Our current raid schedule is:

(All times based on Server Time Zone which is CST)
Tuesday 8:00pm-11:30pm
Thursday 8:00pm-11:30pm

We do not run past our maximum finish time of 11:30PM CST and we do not raid any extra nights during progression. All of our raids include a 10 minute break halfway through the night. You will need to be online and ready to be invited to raid at 8PM but you do not have to be online before 8PM if you are already prepared.  Due to our more casual hours you are expected to be at the instance and ready to continue to progress at 8pm on the dot not 8:01.