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Dyson ao posted Nov 12, 17

Unfortunately not AOTC KJ ScreenShot though... JK, I mean KJ... c wut I did thar?

Orewa On to mythics!!!!
Shaampoo The Graphics are SICK! Cant wait for Classic....

AOTC Guldan!

Dyson ao posted Apr 16, 17

Because we don't have a screen shot since Shaamp is coughing up green goop and is too sick to upload it (But yet somehow can play some first person shooter game instead ...), in it's place I'm putting up the winning strat we used for Guldan to help other guilds in the spirit of cooperation and community.

It's called "yell at other players to get the fuck away from the boss and other players when you shit flame out of your ass" strat

Ossus Is it a good time to re-subscribe to the game? You guys looking for any ret pallies that stand in fire?
Shaampoo I actually think this is far better than a screenshot. I work in mysterious ways, you're welcome :d
Eukcan Can we make this a T-Shirt?

Dyson ao Awesome work everyone! Great to finally push this down!
Shaampoo Wooooooooooooooot!